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February 16, 2011

Inspired by Mad Men I have come up with a few advertising ideas for well known brands. It occurred to me that many of the best known brands have been around for a long time and played a significant role in the history of the twentieth century. I think they should celebrate this as it would give their image some historical weight and help to root them in the ongoing struggle of humanity for liberty and justice for all. Consider this a brief portfolio.


A dramatic scene of American soldiers fighting Nazis in Normandy (shades of Saving Private Ryan). As another American soldier is shot we cut to a Nazi sniper. He stops shooting for a moment to wipe his brow then opens an ice-cold Fanta. He drinks it thirstily, grins and gives a thumbs-up to the camera. Cross-fade to the Nazi flag in which the Coca-Cola logo has replaced the swastika. Slogan: The Coke side of Life.

General Motors

Archive footage of the Nazi invasion of Poland. Caption reads ‘German-Polish border, 1939’. Dive-bombers, explosions, Blitzkrieg. Voiceover: ‘One man had a plan. He wanted to take it to the ends of the earth. But he needed vehicles that only the best technology could provide. So he turned (pause) to General Motors.’ Cross-fade to caption:  General Motors: Taking you wherever you want to go.


Sad music (probably Barber’s Adagio) over footage of the death camps: starved inmates, the smoke from the chimneys. A train arrives and prisoners are taken off, checked and assigned to quarters. Over all this a sombre voiceover: ‘Hitler achieved the greatest, best-organised genocide in human history. But he could not do it alone. When he needed help he turned to the most innovative data processing company there was.’ Close-up of a Hollerith counting machine. Cross-fade to caption: IBM: Computers help people help people.


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